守望先锋/Overwatch 所有包含自己国家语音的英雄游戏中语音收录




Ana 安娜 (埃及阿拉伯语):

  • ” وريهم أوتك ” (warreehom ow-wetak) : Show them your power
  • ” العدالة نازلة من فوق ” (el adala nazla men fooa) : Justice rains from above
  • ” أنا هاخد بالي منك ” (Ana hakhod bali mennak) : I’ll take care of you
  • ” ده هيفيدك ” (dah hayfeedak) : This will help you
  • ” إتعلم من الألم ” (etaalim min el alam) : Learn from the pain
  • ” Bed time حبيبي ” (bed time, habibi) : Bed time, darling
  • ” في الامتحان، يكرم المرؤ أو يهان ” (fel-imtihan yokramo al mar’o aw yohaan) : In a test, one is either honored or dishonored (Egyptian proverb)
  • ” التكرار يعلم الشطار ” (attekraar yo’alem ashotar) : Repeating teaches the best / practice makes perfect (proverb)
  • ” إسمع كلام الأكبر منك ” (esma kalaam el-akbar mennak) : Listen to those who are older than you / Listen to your elders
  • ” خلصنا على الهدف ” (khalasna ala el hadaf) : Target neutralized
  • ” أهلا ” (ahlan) : Hello
  • ” عامل إيه ؟” (amil eh?) : How are you?
  • ” إزّيك ” (ezzayyak) : How are you?
  • ” شكرا ” (shokran) : Thank you
  • ” متشكرة ” (metshakera) : Thank you
  • ” جاري التنفيذ ” (gary al tanfeez) : Working on it
  • ” علم و ينفذ ” (olim wa yonafaz) : Acknowledged

D.VA (韩语):

  • “게임시작” (geim si-jag!) – Game Start!
  • “게임을 하면 이겨야지” (geim-eul hamyeon igyeoyaji) – I play to win!
  • “APM좀 올려볼까!” (APM jom ollyo bolkka!) – Time to raise my APM!
  • “비상탈출” (bisang talchul) – Emergency Eject
  • “짜증나 ” (jja jeung na) – That’s annoying
  • “안녕!” (annyeong!) – Hi!
  • “하! 이건 사기야!” (igeon sagiya!) – This is unreal / overpowered!
  • “다시 한번 해보자고!” (dashi hanbeon haebojago) – Let’s try it one more time!
  • “다시 완벽하게 작동한다!” (dashi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda!) – Operating perfectly again!
  • “아파!” (apa!) – It hurts!
  • “꺼져!” (ggeo-jyeo) – Turn off! / Fuck off!
  • “감사!” (gam Sa!) – Thanks!

Genji 源氏 (日本语):

  • “おす” (osu) – Greetings
  • “始め!” (hajime!) – Start!
  • “身を捨てても、名利は捨てず” (mi o sutete mo, myōri wa sutezu) – Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor (an ancient quote by famous swordsman Musashi Miyamoto)
  • “我が魂は均衡を求める” (waga tamashī wa kinkō o motomeru) – My soul seeks balance
  • “竜神の剣を喰らえ” (ryūjin no ken o kurae) – Taste the blade of the Dragon God
  • “水のように流れ” (mizu no yō ni nagare) – Flow like the water
  • “俺は風だ!” (ore wa kaze da) – I am the wind!
  • “燃えつけるかな” (moetsukeru kana) – I guess I’m on fire
  • “まだまだ” (mada mada) – Not good enough
  • “覚悟” (kakugo) – Prepare (to die)
  • “いざ尋常に勝負” (iza jinjō ni shōbu) – Let’s have a good match
  • “かまいたち” (kamai-tachi) – Whirlwind cut (this references a weasel-like apparition that carries a sharp sickle and rides on a dust devil )
  • “くそ” (kuso) – Damn / shit
  • “あほが” (aho ka) – Idiot / fool
  • “上等だ!” (joutou da) – Bring it on
  • “その程度か” (sono teido ka) – Is this the best you can do?
  • “我が魂は まだ燃えておる” (waga tamashī wa mada moete oru) – My soul is still burning
  • “防衛戦願おう” (bōei-sen negaou) – Let us hope for a different outcome
  • “我が心明鏡止水” (waga kokoro meikyōshisui) – My mind as bright and clean as the clear mirror of perfectly still water

Hanzo 半藏 (日本语):

  • “竜が我が敵を食らう” (ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau) – Dragon(s) consume my enemies
  • “狼よ我が敵を喰らえ” (Ōkami yo waga teki wo kurae) – Wolf, consume my enemies! (while wearing the legendary skin)

Mei 小美 (中文):

  • “这个世界值得我们奋战!” (zhè ge shè jiè zhí de wǒ men fèn zhàn) – This world is worth fighting for!
  • “冻住,不许走!” (dòng zhù, bù xu zǒu!) – Freeze, don’t move
  • “这样可以挡住他们” (zhè yàng kě yǐ dǎng zhù tā men) – This way they will be blocked
  • “冰墙,升起来吧!” (bīng qiáng, shēng qǐ lái bā!) – Rise, ice wall!
  • “有本事,就過來!” (Yǒu běnshì, jiù guòlái) – If you’ve got the guts, come get me!
  • “瞧瞧这个” (qiáo qiáo zhè ge) – Check this out!
  • “嘿嘿来啦” (Hei hei lái la!) – Hey hey! I’m coming
  • “嚐嚐這個!” (Cháng cháng zhège) – Taste this!
  • “等等,别过来!” (děngděng! bié guòlai!) – Wait! Don’t come here!
  • “欺负人” (qīfu rén) – Why so mean? (literally: bully people)
  • “你好” (ni hao) – Hello
  • “谢谢” (xièxiè) – Thanks
  • “嘿,我又回来啦!(hei, wǒ yòu húilái la!) – Hey, I’m back again!
  • “忽如一夜春风来 千树万树梨花开” (Hu Ru Yi Ye Chun Feng Lai, Qian Shu Wan Shu Li Hua Kai) – It looks like the spring came over night and thousands of pear trees are blooming (based on a (song about a) traditional poem describing a snowy landscape)

Mercy 天使/慈悲 (德语):

  • “Helden sterben nicht” – Heroes never/don’t die
  • “Sprechstunde bei der Frau Doktor” – Consulting with miss doctor
  • “Mercy im Bereitschaftsdienst” – “Mercy on emergency duty
  • “Die Wunder der modernen Medizin!” – The wonders of modern medicine!
  • “Immer unterbricht mich jemand bei der Arbeit” – Someone always interrupts my work
  • “Auf einer Skala von eins bis zehn, wie fest tut es weh?” – On a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt?
  • “Ich bin da!” – I’m there (for you)
  • “Ich kümmere mich um dich!” – I am taking care of you!
  • “Schaden verstärkt” – Damage amplified
  • “Heilstrahl aktiviert” – Healing stream activated
  • “Hat jemand einen Arzt gerufen?” – Did someone call a doctor?
  • “Verdammt” – Damn it (When getting a discord orb)
  • “Danke” – Thank you
  • “Verstanden” – Understood
  • “Ich brauche Hilfe” – I need help

Reinhardt 莱因哈特 (德语):

  • “Wunderbar!” – Wonderful!

Torbjörn 托比昂 (瑞士语)

  • You’re making a chicken out of a feather – “Du gör en höna av en fjäder” (To greatly exaggerate)
  • With your beard stuck in the letterbox – “Fastna med skägget i brevlådan” (To be in a bad situation)
  • Buying the pig while it’s still in the bag – “Köpa grisen i säcken” (Impulsively purchasing something without checking the quality)

Widowmaker 黑百合/奪命女 (法语):

  • “Personne n’échappe à mon regard” – No one can escape from my sight
  • “ça pique, n’est-ce pas?” – It stings, doesn’t it?
  • “Allez, montre-toi” – Come on, show yourself
  • “Je te vois…” – I see you
  • “Magnifique” – Magnificent
  • “Encore?” – Again?
  • “Cherchez la femme” – Look for the woman
  • “Une balle, un mort” – One shot, One kill (lit. “one bullet, one death”)
  • “Et c’est comme ça” – And that’s how it is
  • “À la vie, à la mort” – To life, to death” or also “for better, for worse
  • “Merde!” – Shit!
  • “C’est la vie” – That’s life
  • “Dans ma ligne de mire” – In my line of sight
  • “Rendez-vous avec la mort ” – Appointment with death
  • “Tiens tiens!” – Well well, what do you know
  • “Le baiser de la veuve” – The widow’s kiss
  • “la veuve tisse sa toile” – The widow weaves her web

Zarya 查莉娅 (俄语):

  • “Огонь по готовности” (ogon po gotovnosti) – Fire at will
  • “Вместе мы сила” (vmeste my sila) – Together we are strong
  • “привет” (preevyet) – Hello
  • “спасибо” (spasiba) – Thanks
  • “Физкульт привет!” (fizkult preevyet) – (Sport) hello!
  • “В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше!” (v gostiah horosho, a doma luchshe) – It’s good at the guest’s place, but home’s still better (Proverb similar to “east or west, home is best”)
  • “Видно мастера по работе” (vidno masteruh po ruhbotye) – “can see the master in his works”
  • “Без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда” (bez trooduh nye vyitaschyish rybku iz prooduh) – “Need to work to pull a fish out of the pond”

Bastion 堡垒/壁壘機兵 (机器人):

  • “Dun dun boop boop” – “Bloop bleep bleep bloop”
  • “Beeple” – Bee boo boo bop

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